Murad plans health retreat

Best Repairing Skin Care Products Presented by Beauty Research

Now he’s taking that philosophy beyond the confines of his dermatology practice in El Segundo by offering an immersive weekend health retreat at the Parker Palm Springs in September. The itinerary includes consultations with Murad, a Murad signature treatment and products to take home, but also sessions with a fitness expert and health practitioner, lectures, yoga, cooking class, art class and hiking. It’s all in keeping with his belief that to slow or potentially reverse aspects of the aging process requires a holistic approach. “One of my favorite sayings is, ‘I don’t have any acne patients I have patients who have acne.’ So treating the patient first is actually more critical than treating the disease because everything is connected,” Murad says. He tries to determine what’s causing the acne, whether it could be stress, medication, hormones, a genetic predisposition or all combined. At the retreat, guests will learn about proper nutrition to make cell membranes stronger.
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100 days of summer

The eye area is often one of the first places on the complexion to become damaged. The skin in this area has special needs and as a result cannot be treated with everyday products designed for the entire face. What makes the skin around the eyes so different? Which is the best product to use for repairing the under eye skin? How is it different from other eye creams and serums? To find out, visit or click .
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