Christina Aguilera’s Extreme 80 Pound Weight Loss Explained — Drastic Diet And A Boob Job, Top Docs Claim


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Lance Wyatt, who also has not treated Christina, extreme weight loss is possible in under a year. PHOTOS: Christina Aguilera & Matt Rutler Get Their PDA On! In 10 months, patients may lose up to as much as 80 lbs or more with aggressive diet, exercise, diet pills, and/or bariatric surgery, he told RadarOnline.com. Looks like Christina may have had liposuction of her body and/or tummy tuck for flatter abdomen and more narrow waistline. Her face seems a little thinner but not much, again probably weight loss by natural or surgical means. As for the way she shed the pounds, Christina most likely followed a healthy diet similar to the one Dr.
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